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A family business, we work together because we like our family, and we want to provide awesome service to our clients.



After earning a B.S. degree from Virginia Tech, Sarah worked as a technician and lab manager for 10 years. She moved into Marketing Communications as a technical writer, desktop publisher, and collaboration specialist.


Her next career was in biomedical research sales at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), representing BRL, which evolved into Life Technologies, a preeminent biotechnology company.


In 1994, she started btr, inc., working alone for a couple of years, and hiring staff as the company expanded.


Managing the activation projects is her specialty, using her varied background and communication skills to move projects forward, and complete them on time and within budget.


A horse enthusiast, the family lives on a farm in Virginia, where they raise show ponies, chickens, cats, dogs and lots of kids.



John Love is the Vice President of btr, inc., and has worked for btr since 2016. He was deeply involved in the F-wing renovation and relocations, working as both an Activation Specialist, and Activation Manager. In the latter role, he directed the work of others, and contributed to both high level conversations related to F-wing activation, as well as daily follow-ups, and action items.


John served as a Relocation Specialist under a contract with NHLBI in 2019. During the E-wing Activation, John has partnered with Sarah Kirk to successfully facilitate beneficial occupancy of that newly-renovated space for several ICs at NIH. He earned his doctorate in theology in 2005, and also holds two Master's-level degrees in this field.

john-love-professional headshot_edited.jpg


After earning his B.S. in Accounting from Radford University, Joey began keeping the books and managing the finances of 3 small companies, including btr, inc. Growing with the companies, Joey expanded into NIH procurement, supporting the Activation for F Wing.  In 2012, he started Love Low Taxes, preparing taxes for companies and individuals with amazing tax strategies and savings that keep his customers super happy.

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