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We make life easier for our customers, so they can focus on science.

Lab Management // 1994 - 2016

Our signature Lab Management Service provides biomedical research labs with a comprehensive lab management, staffed by our responsive, professional managers, and supported by our custom data base that keeps all of the supplies, chemicals and essentials in stock.


Experienced in procurement, we work with NIH staff to prepare, facilitate and follow up - all the things that annoy scientists, but are so necessary to flowing the essentials into the lab.  Equipment purchases, long term contracts - using the tools provided by the procurement staff, and web based information, we can rock the details, and get paperwork flying, and tasks completed.

Bldg 40 //  2000 - 2004

A pleasure working with Michigan and California scientists relocating into the new Vaccine Research Center, procuring equipment and helping them adjust to life at NIH.

Bldg 33 //  2003 - 2006

Called in to advise when Bldg 33 was the Bioterror building, and a large hole in the ground, btr, inc supplied experienced staff to purchase millions in new equipment for this flagship BSL-2 and BSL-3 containment facility.  


btr inc invited vendors to bring equipment to the site, so scientists could touch and feel freezers, shakers, centrifuges and deli case fridges.  After a few weeks of tours and voting, the project outfitted the labs at bargain prices, due to competitive bidding, and huge volume.  Another satisfied lab.

F Wing Renovation // 2012 - 2017

The F Wing Renovation at NIH in Bethesda was a total renovation of 12 floors of the original Bldg 10, west end patient and research corridors (above the Blood Bank and new FAES).  The project gutted the wing in 2 phases, floors 2-5 and 6-14.  Coordination and timing were of the essence in managing the renovation in the active research environment. 


Moving scientists and administrators from 11 institutes into the 11 new floors (1 mechanical floor) was our part of the puzzle.  Our move plan flowed from lab to lab, working our way through the 12 floors in an organic process, addressing the construction process and the needs of the labs.

Follow up is essential, and the team came back through the labs to complete any hanging projects, or immediate needs after the move.  Our online survey asked for input - suggestions and comments form our ongoing process development.

NHLBI Relocations // 2017 - 2020

We completed a multi-year program to relocate NHLBI staff, equipment and offices, both clinical and research.  Focusing mostly on the NIH Bethesda campus, we are contracted for both local and nationwide relocations.

E Wing Renovation // 2020 -

Our latest challenge to provide Activation Services for the E Wing Renovation at NIH in Bethesda, starting in 2020.  A sister project to F Wing, there are 13 floors of renovated space for biomedical research and clinical use.  Our Activation team provides coordination with NIH management, staff and scientists, and the construction team.  Our services include database management, procurement services for new furniture, fixtures and equipment, (FF&E), and relocation for existing FF&E and personnel.  

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