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Blue Dust, born on May 5, 2010, and know as Cinco, is a 13.1h grey gelding. Cinco has a lovely floating trot, and covers the ground at the canter.  He's got a lovely jump, and great mind.  He is happy, friendly, and always ready to see who's come to visit him.  Cinco loves kids, and does well with little ones.  He'd be a great first pony, easy up to Short Stirrup. Video link.



Carousel's Pixie Dust, know as Pixie,  is a 24 year old 13.2h grey mare.  She had 5 foals, the first and last by Blue Rain, the middle 3 by Longacre Spinoff.  Her last foal, Blue Dust, is now for sale as an 8 year old.  Pixie is a quiet, lovely mount, and loves to teach young riders.  She goes to Madeira Camp every summer, and is home for the rest, keeping Belle company.  Here with Dust Off, Blue Dust, and riding out.










Partner's Bonus, known as Bonnie, is a 16.1h bay, 6 year old Thoroughbred mare.  She's a rich deep bay, with black points, and no white markings, a quiet, gentle and willing mare.  Bonnie was bred to Blue Fox, a Blue Rain son, who is 13.2h and dappled grey. Her first foal, Blue Bell, is a bay filly with one sock, and a few white hairs between her eyes.  Bonnie is working under saddle, lovely mover, great mind.


Last winter, a few days after giving birth, and 2 months later, at the July 4th Great Falls Parade. 

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