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PUPPIES - Texas Heelers*

All pups have found good homes, thanks to all!   *CKC registered.

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Lola - New Home!

Lola, from our May 22 litter, found a new family!

Lola - New home!

Lola at 10 months old.

Roxie - New Home!

Roxie is from our May 22 litter, she's a big girl, lovely markings, spayed.

Roxie - New Home!

Roxie, merle female, here at 10 months old, she found a new family!

Tri-color Girl - SOLD

SOLD - Lovely markings on this girl, she's growing fast, and will be a bigger one. She found a home with a young lady about to be married.

Jaz - New Home

Jaz found a new family, freckles and all.

MOM - Madhu Zunata
Mini Australian Shepard


Sweet Puppy, or Zuzu, is an energetic lovely lady with lots of fresh milk for her pups.  She is the best mom ever, patient, and  looking after her pups, making sure they are all doing well.  She is a mini, topping out at 15" and 25#.

DAD - Madhu Jye
Australian Cattle Dog


Sweet Victory, or Jye, is a jaunty fellow, laid back, welcoming anyone with a wagging tail.  He's super focused, and will do anything for a treat. Jye is 18" and 35#.

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