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btr, inc was started as a dream in 1991 - better to work for yourself than anything else.  25+ years in, we love our customers, and they love what we do for them. 


Our projects include:

Managing laboratories at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), working with construction teams to relocate scientists, and exploring battery science with the US Navy at Carderock.


Founding team - Sarah Kirk and Glenn Zoski, joined by Joey Love, John Love and Colin Zoski.

• Sarah Kirk - Molecular Biology, Lab Management,  Marketing, Sales, and Activation Services

• John Love - Vice President

• Joey Love - Accountant, Procurement

• Colin Zoski - Project Manager

• Glenn Zoski - retired


Customer focused, backed with lab experience and an exclusive tracking database.

Contsruction Activation - Equipment Database Development, General and Specialty Move management, Procurement Assistance, Close out.


Lab Management - Inventory management, procurement assistance, instrument and equipment repair monitoring - customized.

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